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Omnistar 8200 HP

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

The OmniSTAR 8200HP Receiver is a sturdy, low maintenance, cost efficient L-band capable receiver. The receiver incorporates many features for flexible operation. The standard 10 Hz position output enables accurate positioning, even under high dynamic or high-speed circumstances. Its rugged, waterproof enclosure protects the receiver against accidental drops and keeps  [ Read More ]

Omnistar 3200 LR12

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

The 32000LR12 Series DGPS receivers are the product of years of research and development and represent the latest technology and one of the highest levels of integration yet be seen in Satellite DGPS receivers. The 3200LR12 is a full function receiver system inside a small format field case with LED  [ Read More ]