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Meridian Surveyor

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

SG Brown/TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyrocompass The Meridian Surveyor boasts a wide range of interfaces to enable use on any marine vessel. The unit utilizes a DTG gyro element which provides exceptional performance with an accuracy unmatched by even the latest fibre optic designs. Unlike conventional spinning mass gyrocompasses, the Meridian  [ Read More ]

KVH Azimuth 1000

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

KVH Azimuth 1000 the heads-up choice for a digital fluxgate compass If you want a compass with the features, quality, and design that meet the needs of high-performance powerboats, the KVH Azimuth 1000 is the compass system for you! By combining digital heading and the familiar compass rose on a  [ Read More ]

Trimble SPS 461

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

MODULAR GPS HEADING RECEIVER The Trimble SPS 461 has the features of unfiltered, unsmoothed pseudo-range measurements data for low noise, low multipath error, low-time domain correlation, and high-dynamic response; Very low noise carrier phase measurements with <1 mm precision in a 1 Hz bandwidth. View the brochures for full specification  [ Read More ]

CSI Vector Sensor VS110

Posted by dean on September - 24 - 2012

Delivers accurate 2D GPS heading data (heading and roll or pitch) with better than 0.1 degree rms accuracy with a short 2 m antenna separation Computes accurate heading at rates of up to 10 Hz and position at rates of up to 5 Hz Includes internal SBAS demodulator for differential  [ Read More ]