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R2 Sonic 2022 Multibeam

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

PIONEERS OF WIDEBAND HIGH RESOLUTION MULTIBEAM SYSTEMS The Sonic Broadband / Wideband Multibeam Echo Sounders represent the latest in advance underwater acoustic technology. The Sonic 2024 and 2022 are the world’s first true wideband high resolution shallow water multibeam echo sounders. View the brochures for full specification (R2 Sonic 2022)

Reson 8101

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

The SeaBat 8101 Multibeam Echosounder measures discrete depths, enabling complex underwater features to be mapped with precision. Dense coverage is achieved utilizing up to 4,000 soundings per second for a swath up to 600 meters in width, even as the survey vessel travels at speeds in excess of 12 knots.  [ Read More ]

Kongsberg EM3002

Posted by dean on September - 25 - 2012

MULTIBEAM ECHO SOUNDER The EM 3002 is a new advanced multibeam echo sounder with extremely high resolution and dynamically focused beams. It is very well suited for detailed seafloor mapping and inspection with water depths from less than 1 meter up to typically 200 meters in cold oceanic conditions. Maximum  [ Read More ]